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Exosome Research Products Ver.3

  • Table of Contents

    - What are Exosomes?

    PS Affinity Method
    - Introduction
    - Novel Exosome Purification Method Using Phosphatidylserine and Tim4
    - Comparison of Exosome Isolation and Purification Methods
    - Performance Data for the PS Affinity Method
    - [Column] Total protein amount does not reflect extracellular vesicle amount
    - Advantages of the PS Affinity Method and Frequently Asked Questions

    Exosome Isolation/Purification
    - MagCapture™ Exosome Isolation Kit PS Ver.2

    miRNA Extraction/Purification
    - microRNA Extractor® Kit for Purified EV

    Exosome Detection/Determination
    - Application of the PS Affinity Method to ELISA
    - Selection Table for Exosome ELISA Kit
    - PS Capture™ Exosome ELISA Kit (Anti Mouse IgG POD)
    - PS Capture™ Exosome ELISA Kit (Streptavidin HRP)
    - CD9/CD63/CD81-Capture Human Exosome ELISA Kit (Streptavidin HRP)
    - PS Capture™ Exosome Flow Cytometry Kit
    - Exosome Marker Antibodies (CD9/CD63/CD81)

    Blocking Reagents
    - EV-Save™ Extracellular Vesicle Blocking Reagent
    - EV-Save™ Extracellular Vesicle Blocking Reagent for in vivo

    Purified Exosome
    - Exosomes, from COLO201 cells, purified

    Culture Media/Culture Plate
    - MSCulture™ High Growth Basal Medium/MSCulture™ High Growth Supplement
    - EV-Up™ EV Production Basal Medium for MSC, AF/EV-Up™ MSC EV Production Supplement, AF
    - UniWells™ Horizontal Co-Culture Plate


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